About Dave

My name is Dave Auerbach, and I’m passionate about working with people on interesting* projects, understanding complex systems, and building tools (and communities) that allow for more engagement between people and the worlds they surround themselves with.

I’m a data scientist (with a Physics Ph.D. from UCLA) and team leader with a track record of delivering successful data solutions.  I love to plan, lead, and engineer project that involve machine learning, big data analytics, data set visualization, and reporting of results. I’m a highly productive and action oriented leader with the ability to ruthlessly prioritize and a love of complete, high-quality work.

If you know of an opportunity using the various skills I have to offer, please get in touch.

* Interesting means many things to me. If it has never been done before, that’s interesting. If I get to use more than one skill-set (perhaps management and artistic and engineering) that’s interesting too! If I get to work with other people who are excited and interested, I’m almost sure to become interested as well. If it promotes self-government, local autonomy, or social justice, I’m intrigued. If I get to learn new things about the way to world around me works, I’m very interested. And if it is many, or most, of these things, I’ll probably have a hard time NOT thinking about it once I’m involved!